Poliça and s t a r g a z e: Summer in Berlin / by Liquid Music

Three months and ten days. Audiences in the Twin Cities are counting down until the world premiere of Music for the Long Emergency, the culmination of our year-long virtual residency with Poliça and s t a r g a z e. This July, the two ensembles spent valuable time together in Berlin collaborating, jamming and bonding over schnitzel and soccer. 

Drew Christopherson, one of Poliça's two drummers, shares his words and thoughts on this exciting, new collaborative experience.



This week at Funkhaus might have been the most thrilling experience I’ve had making music. It was hard not to feel overwhelmed by every little aspect. We were in Berlin to make music, which has been a life-long dream. The building itself is so rich with stories and history that Chris [bassist in Poliça] and I would spend our breaks reading the wiki about the place. The one small restaurant in the building served the best schnitzel we had ever tried. The rooms and studios we explored throughout the massive complex were incredible works of architecture and design, and the room we spent four days rehearsing in felt as close to church as anything ever has. 

The way the members of s t a r g a z e discuss music is totally foreign to me, and I loved to hear them talk through an idea, section, or whole song, discuss a few changes, and then execute those changes effortlessly and flawlessly. Like I said, it was thrilling. 

We ended the week with a cookout, watching the Germany vs France Euro semi-finals and listening to records deep into the night. We are all very excited about the next rehearsal with our new friends in s t a r g a z e, and to watch Music For The Long Emergency come together in full. 

The most outstanding part of it all was finally hearing s t a r g a z e in their full form, and to watch the way they work together. The level that each of them are operating on is absolutely chainless, and I was happy to sit there all day listening to them work out ideas, with Ryan of Poliça and André of s t a r g a z e trading off directing and leading the rehearsal. The sound of the room was so crisp and loud that some of us in Poliça were timid about playing out, but by the second day we had all found a balance and it became very fun to just ride out ideas with everyone improvising. — Drew Christopherson


See the premiere of Music for the Long Emergency:
World premiere
Copresented with The Current
Friday, November 18, 2016, 8pm (Purchase Tickets)
Fitzgerald Theater, Saint Paul, MN

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