Extracurricular listening: Pt.1 Spiritual America / by Liquid Music

by Patrick Marschke

As purveyors of contemporary music, or perhaps more accurately “current music," with a growing and increasingly adventurous audience, we are wholeheartedly committed to the creation of new and challenging music. But we also think that ‘challenging’ might not be the best word for it. Running a marathon is challenging. Music can be demanding, but not marathon demanding (though we are sure some of you might disagree). So perhaps what could be considered ‘challenging’ music is actually just lacking some context. Context that we will attempt (<key word) to provide as part of a new blog series that we will be pursuing for the entirety of the 15.16 season.

For each concert we will provide some extracurricular listening (or watching) and some rabbit holes for LM super fans to excavate and discover their own exciting but perhaps obscure corner of the music world.

Innova (our Saint Paul neighbors!)
New Amsterdam
Bedroom Community
Asthmatic Kitty

^all record labels that will pop up A LOTwe encourage you to delve DEEP into the endless supply of amazing music being put out by these organizations. Now on with Part One:

Wye Oak and William Brittelle: Spiritual America
with special guest Michi Wiancko

“William Brittelle is creating a body of work that has no precedent . . . one of the most promising heirs of the vital American maverick tradition.” — Classical TV

William Brittelle is actually one of the founding members of New Amsterdam, and his attitudes and ideas about music definitely shine through.

Note the incredible diversity of sounds in Brittelle’s music (even in a single piece!):

“Shimmering loveliness… a soundscape that borders on the sublime.” BBC Music on the music of Wye Oak  

Wye Oak’s Jenn Wasner and Andy Stack prove that two is plenty. Check out this live performance and try to keep track of what sound is coming from where:

Here is a track off of Wye Oak’s most recent album Shriek, selections of which will be presented on Wednesday recomposed by Michi Wiancko and Brittelle:

Michi Wiancko will become a very familiar face here in the Twin Cities (if she isn’t already) in the coming months as she works closely with The Saint Paul Chamber Orchestraread more here.

Michi brings us "You Are the First" through her Kono Michi project (the result of 4,000 jumps over the course of 6,000 miles…”):

“Chamber Pop” with Alice and Michi

Never-before recorded violin and piano works of the fabulous composer and violin virtuoso, Émile Sauret:

One of the best ways to keep up with artists and new music these days is through social mediafollow and share if you find something you love!

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